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Join us for an essential conference on homeland security and resilience!


In light of ongoing regional and global challenges, the "Homeland Security and Resilience II" conference in Prague will address the urgent need for strengthened security measures and resilience strategies. This event aims to provide a platform for discussing pressing security issues and fostering collaboration among key stakeholders, emphasizing the importance of security and resilience in Central Europe.

FUTURE FORCES FORUM, a key co-organizer, plays a crucial role in the security sector not only in the Czech Republic but also on international level. Join us and be part of  the critical discussions on the future of homeland security and resilience.

Why attend?
Expert speakers: Engage with top officials and experts in security - Radek Kaňa, Deputy Minister of the Interior, Pavel Žáček, National Security Adviser, Karel Řehka, Chief of the General Staff, Martin Vondrášek, the Police President, and Vladimír Vlček, Director General of FRS. See the speakers

Relevant themes: Discuss the latest trends and challenges with top government and security officials. Conference program

Networking opportunities: Connect with key players from public administration, private sector, and academia.
Global context: Understand the regional and global security landscape within a broader international framework.

Event details:
Event title: Homeland Security and Resilience II
Organized by: Poslanecká sněmovna Parlamentu ČR (Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic) and FUTURE FORCES FORUM and Exhibition
Date: Monday, May 27, 2024 | 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Location: Chamber of Deputies, Parliament of the Czech Republic, Malostranské náměstí 7, Prague 1
Language: Czech
Attendance: By invitation only. Interested experts, please register online. Approved participants will receive a confirmation.

Online streaming available: The conference will be streamed live, with recordings available later in the PSP ČR video archive.

Looking ahead:
Stay tuned for "Homeland Security and Resilience III," which will take place at the Future Forces Forum and Exhibition this fall, featuring international scope and broader discussions on global security issues. Register now!

Don't miss this opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue and contribute to strengthening the security and resilience of our society.