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Jan Mazal: It is difficult to imagine the future battlefield without robotic systems


Colonel Jan Mazal, who is currently the head of the Department of Military Robotics at the Faculty of Military Technology of the University of Defense, is a graduate of the Faculty of Military Systems Management at the Vyškov Military University of the Ground Forces. In 2003, he completed the Academic Course in Military Intelligence, Fort Huachuca, Arizona, USA. Since 2005 he has been  doctor in the Theory of State Defense field of study. In the past, he worked at the Center of Excellence (COE) in Rome as the head of the Department for Doctrines of Education and Training, then at the University of Defense in Brno as a senior researcher at the Department of Military Management and Tactics and deputy head of the Department of Tactics. He specializes in automation and robotics in the operational-tactical domain, C4ISTAR systems, military robotics and artificial intelligence, and computer support of decision-making processes in the military at all levels of command. He is the author and co-author of more than 80 professional publications, the solver of more than 15 scientific projects, the author of a number of functional samples, application software, is an invited member and author of many lectures in the field of military robotics at international workshops and symposia and is also the organizer international conferences dealing with the issues of autonomous systems, robotics, modeling and simulation and the like (eg MESAS-Modeling and Simulation for Autonomous Systems, MARS - Multi-domain Advanced Robotic Systems). In his military practice, he held command and staff positions at the battalion level. In the past, he has also served in the foreign missions EUFOR (Bosnia and Herzegovina 2006) and ISAF (Afghanistan 2010).

The full interview is available in the FFF Media Partner online magazine