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Arbit Presents C4ISR and Cyber Security Solutions at Future Forces 2020


When deployed in smaller or larger military formations the need to exchange timely C2 information between coalition forces is essential. However, import and export of data is a vital issue and needs your highest attention as many procedures and regulations must be met. Typically, right classification, markings, releaseability, formats, origin of data etc. must always be verified and checked before data release/ exchange. Other types of information exchanges must be done timely – to be valid – such as blue force tracking and cross domain call for fire. In both cases a full set of security procedures must be set up and followed. Validations and checks to meet your security profile, could be, release procedures (two factor release), data content validation, validation of signing, classification, and other filters like multiple virus scanning. The Arbit C4ISR gateway will support and automate your data management as your trusted gateway for import and export of data, supporting both automated and manual release and import of data.
Arbit C4ISR Gateway is built on hardware based Data Diode technology and therefore offers a continued network separation with no backflow possible. The Arbit C4ISR gateway can be delivered in two variants – a server room version and a ruggedized version (only hardware is different). The ruggedized C4ISR getaway is designed and build to operate in the battlefield under the most challenging conditions. All units are 1U 19”/2 and a full gateway is only 3U (UPS and power supply excluded) equipped with NATO standard connectors and designed for vehicle mount.