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Aramid-based ballistic protection with Twaron®


Protected by Twaron®

The rising threat of violence has led to an ever-increasing demand for ballistic protection. Teijin Aramid is dedicated to give this ballistic protection with its high-performance Twaron para-aramid fiber. With excellent energy absorption properties, tenacity and impact resistance, Twaron offers effective and comfortable ballistic solutions with an outstanding cost-performance ratio. In the more than 30 years that Twaron has been available on the market, it has helped to save thousands of lives worldwide.

Key applications for Twaron are diverse, ranging from ballistic protection of vehicles, to bullet resistant helmets and vests. Armored vehicles based on Twaron protect against projectiles and fragments (including secondary fragments) and still remain light and maneuverable: compared to steel the weight will be reduced between 30-60%.

Benefits for Twaron based helmets include a lower Back Face Deformation, low weight and protection against penetration of bullets, shrapnel and hot bomb fragments. Users of Twaron-based bullet resistant vests benefit every day from the lower weight, greater comfort and longer lifetimes of these vests. And, at the same time, also protecting them against the penetration of bullets and fragments.

Twaron® is produced in The Netherlands.

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