Exhibitor Profile


Our company is one of the most important manufacturers and integrators of modern military equipment and systems in the Czech Republic. We are a strategic partner to the Czech Armed Forces and state security forces.


VOP CZ is a state enterprise established by the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic for the purpose of conducting activities in the field of research, development, manufacture, services and trade in the defence industry sector. The company celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2021.

Reference projects

▶ Manufacture of 107 PANDUR II 8 x 8 wheeled vehicles, including development of specialised versions

▶ Modernisation of 33 T-72 tanks into the T-72M4-CZ version, including command and rescue versions

▶ Manufacture of 450 armoured AJBAN cabins for NIMR Automotive

▶ Manufacture and modernisation of 41 ACHR – 90M chemical vehicles

▶ Modernisation of 90 LAV IVECO 4x4 light armoured vehicles

▶ TAROS UGV robotic systems

▶ Overhaul and modernisation of 450 T-55 tanks

▶ Manufacture of 24 tanker trucks intended for transportation, pumping and issuing engine diesel, automotive petrol and F-34 fuel