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AUDIOPRO – Products from the field of Special Equipment & Technology


Audiopro s.r.o., a company founded in 2002, is an authorized distributor of more than 50 foreign companies with professional AV equipment, including cloud services and products from the field of special equipment, which are intended for professionals from Defense industry and Rescue services (IZS).

The portfolio offers products and technologies for Risk Management; Global surveillance system for monitoring large areas; Autonomous system for covert monitoring, including day / night colorful vision at distances up to 3 km; Compact unmanned system – mini UAV for tactical deployment with the possibility of operation in MESH network; Communication, tactical headsets with active hearing protection, personal cameras for operations in difficult conditions and much more.

Audiopro also offers independent energy sources - methanol fuel cells for industrial, military and residential use. Audiopro's range of special routers, antennas and 5G networks serve the same segment, creating a reliable and independent internet connection.

Audiopro's wide range of special multifunctional SKB boxes and 19" racks brings everything for safe transport and storage of various products.

Whether it is commercial, residential or government area, security or emergency services, we strive to identify your needs and find an adequate solution to your requirement.