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Mittler Report Verlag GmbH


Mittler Report Verlag is considered the leading specialist publisher for security policy, armed forces, defence technology, armaments, IT and logistics in the German-speaking world. The portfolio includes trade magazines, brochures, information services and conferences. These include the monthly magazine "Europäische Sicherheit & Technik" (European Security & Technology), published in contractually regulated cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Defence, in conjunction with the highly regarded online presence "", the monthly international trade journal "European Security and Defence" (, the trade journal "MarineForum", the brochure series "Wehrtechnischer Report" as well as the online newsletters "ESD Spotlight" and "Wehrwirtschaft". In addition, the annual Security Policy and Defence Conference in Bonn and the NATO LCM Conference in Brussels are established forums for the exchange of information among experts and decision-makers.