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AIM Infrarot - Module GmbH

High End Infrared Sights and Technology


AIM is a leading supplier of IRsensors and thermal sights. Outstanding performance and minimum
size, weight and power meet the requirements of challenging military applications. AIM shows bispectral
and eSWIR technology as well as thermal sight.


eSWIR combines reflective (day) & thermal (night) vision in one sensor. Shows
lasers up to 2.5μm. Thermal signature at night and through windows. Identification at daytime.

HuntIR Mk2 Thermal Targeting and Observation Sight

The HuntIR Mk2 can be mounted on sniper rifles, light machine guns, support weapons, and antimaterial rifles.

The most advanced high-resolution cooled IR detector technology is used to give the sniper outstanding situational awareness and precise targeting capability, with enough headroom for the severest weather conditions.

Its modular architecture helps the soldier to quickly reconfigure the HuntIR Mk2 from being a clip-on targeting sight, to a stand-alone targeting sight by attaching a monocular eyepiece, or to a observation sight, just by attaching a binocular eyepiece and a tri-pod.

The optional laser range finder can be added to all configurations. A new aiming point is automatically calculated by the build-in ballistic computer with the optional laser-range-finder distance measurement.