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The company operating since 2001 throughout the national territory.

Its technicians have twenty years of experience in the field of civil, industrial and military security, with wired and wireless alarm systems for interiors and perimeter walls, certified smoke and toxic gas detection systems, active, passive and anti-theft video surveillance systems.

We are proud to introduce GIANO, the portable spectrum analyzer has been designed for portable, compact and easy to use use thanks to its multi touch monitor.

The presence on board of an antenna or two (depending on the model) as a cover makes Giano immediately ready for use.

The average training time of an operator is about 3 hours as the use of icons, function keys and command wheel makes it very easy to use.
The cost and ease of use make Giano an excellent solution for the formation of low-cost and immediately usable teams in the field.
The battery life is about 2 hours but with a second hot-swappable battery and its charger they last longer than 4 hours of continuous operation; if there is a power source, the duration is continuous.
The power supply connector is standard 12Volt DC with central positive (all you need is a 12Volt DC power supply stabilized with at least 4 Ah).
The antenna connector is standard with SMMA power supply (for antennas that need it), so if you have your favorite standard antenna you can safely use it.
The adjustment of the Gain can be convenient to adjust the loss of any cable (remember that each frequency corresponds to a particular length of the connection cable to avoid signal loss) Giano can be placed on a flat surface and, thanks to its stand, adjust the monitor eye height, there is also a shoulder strap for greater comfort.